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Texturefly.com is the premier online texture store that specializes in masked images not only for those that are in architectural illustration and 3d rendering, but also those using composite images in Photoshop as well as stock photos for web, advertising etc. Texturefly includes masked trees and people, car clipart, plants textures and tileable textures. All images with be on a white background and the cutout image is on a separate layer from the background. All images are sold individually with packages or bulk discounts coming in the future. It is set up so the end user can download the image directly after payment is approved though a download link.

Texturefly has been a dream of mine for a long time. After working in the industry for 12 years, I realized the real shortage of masked images availiable to architectural illustrators and artists alike. I noticed I was seeing the same textures and images in everyones rendering in every state. We all know how long it takes to shoot, airbrush, cut and edit these images, and finding the time to start this endeavor has not been easy. I have been cutting out my own trees, cars, and plants since 2001 and like to think that these images will give you a little more variety so that your 3d renderings or whatever you decide to use them for will be unique and your photocompositing enjoyable. Do not forget to check back periodically. New items go up everyday! And sign up for our newsletter for email updates.
Tina Benjamin
3d Artist and Texturefly